Finishing the Proofs of the Main Results

  • Zvi AradEmail author
  • Xu Bangteng
  • Guiyun Chen
  • Effi Cohen
  • Arisha Haj Ihia Hussam
  • Mikhail Muzychuk
Part of the Algebra and Applications book series (AA, volume 16)


In this chapter the case (3) is almost classified by studying the remaining open case when b 3 b 10 contains two constituents and the elements b 10, b 15 are non-real. For this purpose we developed an elegant theory which enables us to generalize the Main Theorem of the book for NITA of countable dimension. The Main Theorem of this chapter almost classifies countable NITAs generated by a non-real basis element of degree 3 provided that any non-identical basis element has degree at least three.


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