Social Aspects of Photobooks: Improving Photobook Authoring from Large-Scale Multimedia Analysis

  • Philipp Sandhaus
  • Susanne Boll


With photo albums we aim to capture personal events such as weddings, vacations, and parties of family and friends. By arranging photo prints, captions and paper souvenirs such as tickets over the pages of a photobook we tell a story to capture and share our memories. The photo memories captured in such a photobook tell us much about the content and the relevance of the photos for the user. The way in which we select photos and arrange them in the photo album reveal a lot about the events, persons and places on the photos: captions describe content, closeness and arrangement of photos express relations between photos and their content and especially about the social relations of the author and the persons present in the album. Nowadays the process of photo album authoring has become digital, photos and texts can be arranged and laid out with the help of authoring tools in a digital photo album which can be printed as a physical photobook. In this chapter we present results of the analysis of a large repository of digitally mastered photobooks to learn about their social aspects. We explore to which degree a social aspect can be identified and how expressive and vivid different classes of photobooks are. The photobooks are anonymized, real world photobooks from customers of our industry partner CeWe Color. The knowledge gained from this social photobook analysis is meant both to better understand how people author their photobooks and to improve the automatic selection of and layout of photobooks.


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