Input file syntax



The input file is also referred to as a netlist. A netlist has the following structure:

Circuit namecircuit description.controlNUTMEG commands.endc.end

The first line of a netlist is the circuit name. Be careful not to put any element descriptions on the first line of the file, as they will be interpreted as the circuit name and therefore left out of the simulated circuit.

The block between .control and .endc (also referred to as the “control block”) is the NUTMEG script that is executed after the netlist is read and processed by the simulator. The whole block is optional and can be omitted. The commands in the control block are case sensitive. Lowercase is recommended everywhere within the control block, except for strings that are printed to the command window, plot titles, and axis labels.

What remains is the circuit description. The circuit description is case insensitive. To avoid confusion lowercase is recommended for the circuit description. The netlist ends with .end.

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