Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advances in Hematologic Malignancies

Volume 99 of the series Cancer Treatment and Research pp 27-45

Epstein—Barr virus and lymphoma

  • Richard F. Ambinder
  • , M. Victor Lemas
  • , Stacy Moore
  • , Jie Yang
  • , Dagmar Fabian
  • , Chris Krone

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Epstein—Barr virus has been associated with a variety of malignancies. Originally discovered in African Burkitt’s lymphoma, it is also found in lymphoproliferative disease arising in immunocompromised populations, in Hodgkin’s disease, and in peripheral T-cell lymphoma. The association is of interest in terms of the pathogenesis of these tumors and is becoming important in terms of new approaches to treatment. The purpose of this chapter is to review aspects of the biology of the virus that are relevant to tumorigenesis, review the nature of the association with each of the tumors, and to consider therapeutic implications where these have been defined.