AIDS Pseudoscience

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What is science? What is not science? Who gets to decide? Defining science is an undertaking far beyond the scope of this book. Fortunately, we do not have to define science to understand pseudoscience. Simply put, pseudoscience – also known as fringe science or alternative science – masquerades as real science but because of its defects it is not science at all. The most important of these defects is its lack of thoughtful experimentation, the very foundation of science. Michael Shermer, noted author and skeptic of the extravagant claims of pseudoscience, defines it as claims that appear scientific even though they lack supporting evidence and plausibility. Pseudoscience does not advance, it does not move forward; there is no accumulation of knowledge. Pseudoscientific thinking relies instead on anecdotes, scientific-sounding language, bold statements without supporting evidence, and after the fact reasoning.

Pseudoscience, which is not science at all, differs from bad science and...


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