Peter Duesberg and the Origins of HIV/AIDS Denialism

  • Seth C. Kalichman

Ultimately it comes down to trust. Trusting what you hear. Trusting what you read. Trusting what one world-acclaimed scientist says over another. If denialism did not have a scientifically credible proponent it would never have been considered worthy of attention. But denialism has such a proponent.

Confusion as to whether HIV is the cause of AIDS is traceable to one man, Peter Duesberg. As a scientist, Duesberg appears credible because of his training and his indisputably impressive early career accomplishments.

Duesberg is in fact many things to many people, and opinions about him tend to split into extremes: Is Peter Duesberg an accomplished scientist or a deranged crackpot? Is he a victim of a conspiracy against dissident AIDS scientists or a perpetrator of denialism on a global scale? Has he attracted a cadre of legitimate scientists who share his dissident views or is he a magnet for pseudoscientists and the disaffected and deranged? Is Peter Duesberg a symbol of the routine...


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