Transgenesis and the Management of Vector-Borne Disease

Volume 627 of the series Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology pp 93-103

Insect Population Suppression Using Engineered Insects

  • Luke AlpheyAffiliated withDepartment of Zoology, Oxford UniversityOxitec Limited Email author 
  • , Derric NimmoAffiliated withOxitec Limited
  • , Sinead O’ConnellAffiliated withOxitec Limited
  • , Nina AlpheyAffiliated withDepartment of Zoology, Oxford UniversityOxitec Limited

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Suppression or elimination of vector populations is a tried and tested method for reducing vector-borne disease, and a key component of integrated control programs. Genetic methods have the potential to provide new and improved methods for vector control. The required genetic technology is simpler than that required for strategies based on population replacement and is likely to be available earlier. In particular, genetic methods that enhance the Sterile Insect Technique (e.g., RIDL™) are already available for some species.