Workplace Homicidal Threats and Violence

  • Stephen J. Morewitz

Death threats are a major concern to employers, employees, customers, and others. Disgruntled employees, employers, clients, litigants, criminals, terrorists and other people make workplace-related death threats. These persons threaten to kill individuals on the job or blow up the work facilities. From 1992 through 1996, ̃2 million persons were the victims of violent crimes or threatened with a violent crime on the job (U.S. DoJ., 1998).

As in the case of school- and university-related death threats, workplace-associated death threats involve the transformation of individual rage and mental disorders into an institutional problem, requiring employers to develop new safety and security procedures to adapt to these threats and requiring new responses from law enforcement officials and political leaders. Workplace-related death threats also lead to the social construction of the phenomenon as a social problem.

Death threats are now viewed as part of the larger problem of workplace...


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