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Green Thumbs of the Red Planet

  • Markus HotakainenEmail author

What if the nanotech reaction gets out of hand?

Bruce Balfour: The Forge of Mars (2002)

Terraforming Mars, to change the planet into something more like Earth, has been one of the recurrent themes in science fiction ever since the early years of the 1950s. It was as early as 1946 that the Swiss-American astronomer Fritz Zwicky expressed his ideas on making the Solar System a more habitable place. In the case of Mars it would require changing the atmosphere – one way or another – so that the climate would warm up and the frozen water would melt. The Red Planet would become a place suitable for life, “a second Earth.” In 1994 New Scientist magazine gave a simple recipe for terraforming Mars:

First heat your planet by at least 60°C. Then use sunlight to remove carbon dioxide. Wait 100,000 years and add humans…

Step by step

At the moment we do not possess the abilities to change a whole world – at least not in the way we want it. We do not even possess enough knowledge about Mars, so that...


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