Using Glue to Solve the Discovery Scenarios of the SWS-Challenge

  • Andrea Turati
  • Emanuele Della Valle
  • Dario Cerizza
  • Federico M. Facca
Part of the Semantic Web And Beyond book series (ADSW, volume 8)

In this chapter we present SWE-ET, which is the solution that we proposed for the SWS-Challenge. SWE-ET is a conjunction of two components: one is the WebRatio framework, which is mainly used to solve the Mediation scenarios, and the other is Glue, which is used to solve the Discovery scenarios. This chapter focuses on the Discovery scenarios, therefore we describe all the features of Glue in details while we partially describe WebRatio by discussing only those features that have been exploited to solve the Discovery scenarios of the Challenge.


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  • Emanuele Della Valle
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  • Dario Cerizza
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  • Federico M. Facca
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  2. 2.Dipartimento di Elettronica e InformazioneMilanoItaly

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