Industrial Automated Fingerprint-Based Identification System

  • Paulius Zubavicius
  • Antanas Cenys
  • Lukas Radvilavicius
Conference paper

Fingerprints recognition is established technique for police agencies. Most of the companies and public organizations are using password or token such as magnetic or smart card based identity management systems. Security of these systems depends crucially on the proper behavior of the users since passwords and tokens can be easily transferred. Biometric identification has obvious advantages if security of the system is not always in the best interest of the users. Biometrical data of the fingerprint is the best way to identify the person taking into account efficiency, availability, reliability, time-constrains, etc. Technology advances in computing and optical scanners allow create low –cost small size fingerprint- based identification systems.


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  • Paulius Zubavicius
  • Antanas Cenys
    • 1
  • Lukas Radvilavicius
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  1. 1.Semiconductor Physics InstituteLithuania

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