Electrochemistry for the Environment

pp 143-161


Domestic and Industrial Water Disinfection Using Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes

  • Philippe Rychen
  • , Christophe ProventAffiliated withAdamant Technologies SA Email author 
  • , Laurent Pupunat
  • , Nicolas Hermant

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This chapter first describes main properties and manufacturing process (production using HF-CVD, quality-control measurements, etc.) of diamond electrodes and more specifically boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrodes. Their exceptional properties make such electrodes particularly suited for many disinfection applications as thanks to their wide working potential window and their high anodic potential, they allow generating a mixture of powerful oxidizing species mainly based on active oxygen and peroxides. Such mixture of disinfecting agents is far more efficient than conventional chemical or physical known techniques. Their efficiency was tested against numerous microorganisms and then proved to be greater than conventional methods. All bacteria and viruses tested up to date were inactivated 3–5 times faster with a treatment based on with BDD electrodes and the DiaCell technology than with other techniques. Several applications, either industrial or private (wellness and home use), are discussed with a focus on the dedicated products and the main technology advantages.