Additive Processes for Semiconductors and Dielectric Materials

  • Christian A. ZormanEmail author
  • Robert C. Roberts
  • Li Chen
Part of the MEMS Reference Shelf book series (MEMSRS, volume 1)


This chapter presents an overview of the key methods and process recipes commonly employed in the deposition of semiconductor and dielectric thin films used in the fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). These methods include chemical vapor deposition, epitaxy, physical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition, and spin-on techniques. The materials featured in this chapter include silicon and its oxide, nitride, and carbide derivatives, silicon–germanium, diamond and diamondlike carbon, III-V semiconductors, aluminum oxide, and other notable semiconductor and dielectric materials used as structural, sacrificial, and passivation layers. The process recipes presented in this chapter largely come from publications that report not only processing details, but also key material properties of importance to MEMS that result from the reported processes. Whenever possible, the references included in this chapter are papers that are readily available via commonly used electronic databases such as IEEE Xplore™ and ScienceDirect™ so as to aid the reader in gathering more detailed information than can be practically presented herein. Furthermore, the processes selected for inclusion in this chapter were, for the most part, successfully used in the fabrication of MEMS structures or components, thus verifying their utility in MEMS technology. For select materials, case studies are included to provide process-related details that cannot easily be tabulated but are nonetheless of critical importance to successful usage of the process.


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