Women Over 50 pp 79-94

On the Move: Exercise, Leisure Activities, and Midlife Women

  • Ruth L. Hall


A few weeks before my 50th birthday, I received a letter from the American Association for Retired People (AARP) informing me that I was now eligible to join AARP. I had arrived. But what did that mean? I’m postmenopausal and beginning to gray more quickly. My physician told me that I had “age-related osteoarthritis,” as if that makes the pain any better. Other symptoms of aging continue to emerge. Middle age is a time when our bodies remind us of the process of aging, a time when we say to ourselves, “I don’t remember this [body part] giving me trouble when I did [blank] in the past.” It is a time to become more active in developing and sustaining a lifestyle that will help us to remain mentally alert, spiritually fulfilled, and physically sound as we grow older.


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