Sandvik Nanoflex® — Designed for Ultimate Performance

  • Carl Johan Irander
  • Göran Berglund


Sandvik Nanoflex® is a revolutionary metal alloy developed by Sandvik Materials Technology, Sweden. Exploiting the latest advances in nanotechnology, Sandvik Nanoflex® offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio for the most demanding conditions in high-performance sports. By combining ductility with an extremely high tensile strength and excellent joining and forming properties, Sandvik Nanoflex® opens for very interesting new design solutions in sports equipment.

The paper outlines the characteristics of the material and describes cases of application within different fields of sports, each item optimized for low-weight and robustness. It is demonstrated that traditional light-weight materials, such as aluminum and titanium, are regularly outperformed by Sandvik Nanoflex®.


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  • Göran Berglund
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