Practical Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer or Molecular Nanobioscopy of Living Cells

  • Irina Majoul
  • Yiwei Jia
  • Rainer Duden


After formulating this philosophic question in a poetic form, Leonardo the Scientist, provides us with a real experimental (optical) setup. “As I propose to treat the nature of the moon, it is necessary that I first describe the perspective of mirrors, whether plane, concave, or convex,” (B.M.94r – Arundel MS in British Museum). Next, in the pages of Codex Atlanticus (C.A.190r), Leonardo invites us to “Construct the glasses to see the moon magnified” and half a millennium later we are still following him for, as Bulgakov famously said, “Manuscripts do not burn!”


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    • 1
  • Yiwei Jia
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  • Rainer Duden
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  2. 2.Olympus America Inc.MelvilleNew York

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