Multimedia Applications require more control at the application level as well as the network level to minimize the negative impact of the single Best Effort service offered in the Internet. The deployment of Active queue management is recommended to react to congestion before it becomes critical.

In this paper, we propose and compare some variants of EPD (Early Packet Discard), named BEPD and EPD-3 for the transmission of MPEG video streams over the Internet. We have shown by simulation that EPD, BEPD and EPD-3 increase significantly the number of transmitted I frames in comparison to the “Tail Drop” technique. BEPD improves the performance of video traffic by accepting in the queue only pictures that their reference ones have already been accepted in the queue. EPD-3 gives better results than EPD and BEPD by dropping first B pictures, then P pictures and finally I pictures.

Assured forwarding service proposed by DiffSery defines 4 independent forwarding classes. Within each of these classes, there are 3 levels of delivery which can be used to introduce some loss priority between different types of MPEG video Pictures. However, this information is not sufficient to use with EPD and its variants. We need more information about the semantic of packets. We propose and specify an extension that describes the type and the position of each packet in the video stream.


QoS Buffer management Tail Drop EPD MPEG 


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  • Hajer Tounsi Naouar
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  • Farouk Kamoun
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  1. 1.campus universitaire de ManoubaEcole Nationale des Sciences de l’InformatiqueManoubaTunisie

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