Handbook of Peer-to-Peer Networking

pp 257-280


Distributed Hash Tables: Design and Applications

  • C.-F. Michael ChanAffiliated withStanford University Email author 
  • , S.-H. Gary ChanAffiliated withHong Kong University of Science and Technology

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The tremendous growth of the Internet and large-scale applications such as file sharing and multimedia streaming require the support of efficient search on objects. Peer-to-peer approaches have been proposed to provide this search mechanism scalably. One such approach is the distributed hash table (DHT), a scalable, efficient, robust and self-organizing routing overlay suitable for Internet-size deployment. In this chapter, we discuss how scalable routing is achieved under node dynamics in DHTs. We also present several applications which illustrate the power of DHTs in enabling large-scale peer-to-peer applications. Since wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular, we also discuss the issues of deploying DHTs and various solutions in such networks.