∎ Topographic Anatomy Of The Liver

Diaphragmatic Surface Relations

For descriptive purposes, the diaphragmatic surface of the liver is divided into superior, posterior, anterior, and right portions:
  • The superior portion is related to the diaphragm and, from right to left: right pleura and lung, pericardium and heart (cardiac impression), left pleura, and lung.

  • The posterior portion is related to the diaphragm and lower ribs. It contains the greater part of the bare area and the sulcus of the inferior vena cava.

  • The anterior part is related to the diaphragm and costal margin, xiphoid process, the abdominal wall, and the sixth to tenth ribs on the right.

  • The right portion is related to the diaphragm and the seventh to eleventh ribs. It is a lateral continuation of the posterior portion.

Anteriorly, the inferior border of the liver is marked by two notches to the right of the median plane. These are: a deep notch accommodating the ligamen-tum teres; and a shallow notch allowing...


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