Armin Steinbach, EU Liability and International Economic Law

Hart Publishing, 2017, ISBN 9781509901593
  • Jens Hillebrand PohlEmail author
Part of the European Yearbook of International Economic Law book series (EUROYEAR, volume 10)


Over the 10 years since the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union has increasingly entered into international trade and investment agreements. These are agreements under international law, but they also form part of EU law within the framework of EU competences. As affirmed by the European Court of Justice, Union liability for the breach of EU law is essential to ensure the law’s full effectiveness. This leads to the question of whether an individual can hold the EU liable under EU law for violations of international economic law. The book under review, a revised doctoral dissertation by Armin Steinbach, addresses this matter, and in so doing, puts forward a framework within which the conditions for liability can be fruitfully analysed.


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