Ethical Issues in Behavioral Neuroscience

Ethics of Human Research in Behavioral Neuroscience: Overview of Section II
  • Grace LeeEmail author
Part of the Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences book series (CTBN, volume 19)

This volume, Ethics in Behavioral Neuroscience, gathers fresh new perspectives on how the ethical and rational pursuit of knowledge informs the neurobiological approach to the study of behavior. The first section of the volume focuses on ethical challenges for experimental approaches in behavioral neuroscience research using nonhuman subjects. It represents the ethical challenges of experimental animal research on how the brain drives external behaviors as well as the internal processes underlying these behaviors, such as responses to stimuli from the environment, learning, memory, emotion, and perception. Despite the difficulties of directly translating results from experiments with animal models to the human condition, the knowledge gained from basic research provides deep insights into the processes underlying behavior. The chapters in the first section provide authoritative reviews of commonly used experimental approaches to study behavior, including the creation of behavioral...


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