Heterocyclic Extended Peptide Surrogates for β-Strand Stabilization

Part of the Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry book series (TOPICS, volume 49)


Peptidomimetic scaffolds designed to stabilize biologically relevant secondary structures play a key role in ligand-based drug design. Approaches aimed at stabilizing extended peptide conformations hold particular promise for targeting β-strand and β-sheet interactions. An understanding of how specific constraints impact extended backbone conformations is needed to expand their potential utility and to inform the design of novel templates. This chapter describes peptide orthotic and prosthetic approaches toward β-strand stabilization using heterocyclic motifs. Syntheses and conformational analyses are described for selected extended peptide surrogates suitable for incorporation into native sequences.


β-Sheets Amino acids Conformational analysis Drug design Peptide synthesis Peptidomimetics Protein–protein interactions Secondary structure 


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