Small Water Reservoirs: Sources of Water for Irrigation

  • Ľ. JuríkEmail author
  • M. Zeleňáková
  • T. Kaletová
  • A. Arifjanov
Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 69)


Small water reservoirs are part of the irrigation system in Slovakia, and the total volume of these reservoirs is about 56.404 million m3. However, a volume of 158 million m3 is required to meet the specified need. The construction of small water reservoirs in Slovakia was formerly undertaken by the State Amelioration Administration, but economic changes in the 1980s to 1990s have had a negative impact on these reservoirs. With reducing interest in irrigation, these reservoirs have lost the main purpose for which they were built.


Climate change Disposable water resources Irrigation Water reservoir 



This chapter was supported by the following grants and projects:
  • APVV - Slovak Science and Research Agency-16-0278; Use of hydromelioration structures for mitigation of the negative extreme hydrological phenomena effects and their impacts on the quality of water bodies in agricultural landscapes

  • KEGA - Cultural and Educational Grant Agency 028SPU-4/2017; Monitoring of Elements of Environment – practical course.


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