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Green Cross-Coupling Using Visible Light for C–O and C–N Bond Formation

  • Hong Yi
  • Yichang Liu
  • Aiwen LeiEmail author
Part of the Topics in Organometallic Chemistry book series


The development of green and sustainable approaches in organic synthesis can provide an environmentally friendly method in the industrial manufacture. Recently, visible-light-mediated photocatalysis has achieved great progress and been a powerful tool to the construction of new chemical bonds in the green synthetic community. This chapter provides an updated summary of visible-light-mediated cross-coupling for C–O and C–N bond formations. Compared with the traditional synthetic methods, the visible-light catalysis provides a new way for the useful compounds synthesis (O-containing and N-containing molecules).


C–H functionalization C–N bond C–O bond Cross-coupling Photoredox catalysis Visible light 


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