Asymmetric Addition of Boron and Silicon Nucleophiles

  • Alexander Hensel
  • Martin OestreichEmail author
Part of the Topics in Organometallic Chemistry book series (TOPORGAN, volume 58)


The recent progress in catalytic asymmetric carbon–boron and carbon–silicon bond formation catalyzed by chiral copper(I) complexes is tremendous. Within less than a decade, the majority of fundamental bond-forming reactions in this arena, that is, conjugate addition, 1,2-addition and allylic substitution, were accomplished. These enantioselective transformations had been either elusive or not even known before. This chapter summarizes these fascinating developments together with a brief mechanistic discussion as these copper(I) catalyses share transmetalation of interelement bonds such as B–B and Si–B as a common feature.


Asymmetric catalysis Borylation Copper σ-bond metathesis Silylation Transmetalation 



M.O. thanks the Einstein Foundation (Berlin) for an endowed professorship.


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