Using formal verification/analysis methods on the critical path in system design: A case study

  • Ásgeir Th. Eiríksson
  • Ken L. McMillan
Session 11: Invited Talk
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 939)


We present a case study of the use of formal verification methods in a computer system design project. The SMV model checker was integrated into the project design flow, and used to verify a specification of a cache coherency protocol for a directory based, distributed shared memory, machine. Both the processor and I/O portions of the protocol specification were verified, within the strict time schedule of the overall project.

We consider the following to be the main benefits to using the SMV model checker: it allows the verification of the interaction of the processors and I/O, early in the design phase; and most importantly it uncovered several protocol specification problems. One problem it uncovered, would never have been found in simulation, and because of its subtle symptoms, loss of coherency, might not have been found on the test floor.


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  • Ásgeir Th. Eiríksson
    • 1
  • Ken L. McMillan
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  1. 1.Silicon Graphics Inc.Mountain View
  2. 2.Cadence Berkeley LabsBerkeley

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