Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic oxidations with peroxide reagents

  • R. A. Sheldon
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 164)


Increasingly stringent environmental constraints are providing the stimulus for the replacement of traditional stoichiometric oxidants, e.g. dichromate, permanganate, with cleaner catalytic technologies in industrial organic synthesis. Catalytic oxygen transfer employing peroxide reagents as the oxygen donor provides an attractive alternative. Virtually all of the transition metals and several main group elements can be used in combination with peroxides, e.g. H2O2, RO2H, to effect a plethora of organic transformations.

A further consideration involves the choice of a homogeneous or heterogeneous catalyst. The ideal catalyst is one that combines the high activity and selectivity associated with the former with the stability and ease of recovery of the latter.

The scope and potential of recent developments in this area are reviewed, with particular emphasis on the site-isolation of redox metals in the lattices of molecular sieves and enantioselective oxidations employing chemo- or biocatalysts.


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