A comparative analysis of two-phase-commit protocols

  • Ouri Wolfson
Fault Tolerance
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 470)


We compare the performance of four variants of the two-phase-commit paradigm, in the absence of failures. They are tree-commit ([SW1]), the decentralized ([Sk]), the linear ([G]), and the central-site ([LS]) algorithms. The performance measures are communication cost and communication time. We find that the communication cost of tree-commit is equal to that of the linear and central-site algorithms, its communication time cannot be worse, but it can be twice as fast. The communication time of the decentralized algorithm is better than that of tree-commit, whereas tree-commit wins as far as communication cost is concerned. When comparing the communication-complexity of the two algorithms, namely the product of the communication cost and the communication time, tree-commit wins.


Communication Cost Minimum Span Tree Communication Complexity Communication Time Consensus Problem 
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