A flexible and adaptable tool kit approach for concurrency control in non standard database systems

  • Rainer Unland
Concurrency Control
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Concurrency control has been thoroughly investigated in the context of traditional database applications. There are relatively few studies, however, that address the concurrency control issues of ‘advanced database applications’ like, e. g., CAD/CAM, CASE, large AI applications or image and voice processing. The demands on concurrency control in such application areas differ substantially from those in traditional database applications; in particular, there is a need to support ‘enriched’ data models (which include, e. g., complex objects or version and configuration management), ‘synergistic’ cooperative work, and application or user supported consistency. But, unfortunately, the demands are not only sophisticated but also diversified, which means that different application areas might even place contradictory demands on transaction management. This paper deals with the problem of concurrency control and offers a solution by introducing a flexible, adaptable, and extensible tool kit approach. This tool kit is meant to be the basis for a database implementor (DBI) to assemble application specific concurrency control mechanisms.


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