Optical imagery of nova remnants

  • Richard A. Wade
1c - Nebular Ejecta
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 369)


Resolved nebular remnants of classical novae are discussed in terms of size, surface brightness, and shape. A list of 26 known resolved remnants is given. The conditions necessary for visibility of a resolved remnant are discussed. The structure of remnants can be studied at optical wavelengths by direct imaging and by long-slit or otherwise spatially resolved spectroscopy of emission lines. Based on recent spatiokinematic studies, most nebular remnants are prolate in outline, with sub-structure that has been characterized as consisting of “polar blobs” and “equatorial rings”. The mechanism that shapes the remnants is not yet known with certainty. There is room for much additional work in discovering new remnants and in characterizing those that are known.


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