DZB - A German Library for the Blind Goes Digital

  • Thomas Kahlisch
Conference paper
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The paper describes our approach to turn the talking book production of DZB, the oldest library for the blind in Germany, into the digital world. The digital world for blind and visually impaired persons has a common name: DAISY (Digital Access Information System) is a standard and technology, which has to be developed, as a powerful tool, to produce accessible multimedia documents [1].

In a five-year time frame, DZB turns the production, archival and distribution process into a high technology level. The presentation describes:
  • How we will convert analogue tapes into a digital format [2].

  • How staff members learn to produce digital magazines and to structure books.

  • What kind of equipment is necessary in this process?

The main focus of this work is, to improve the access for blind people to information and provide them, with new technology, which is designed for all.


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  • Thomas Kahlisch
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  1. 1.Deutsche Zentralbücherei für Blinde zu LeipzigLeipzigGermany

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