Phosphatidylcholine-Preferring Phospholipase C from B. cereus. Function, Structure, and Mechanism

  • Paul J. Hergenrother
  • Stephen F. Martin
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 211)


The PLC class of enzymes has been studied extensively over the past 15–20 years because of their involvement in signaling pathways in which extracellular messages are delivered to the cell to induce a response. Of the PLC isoenzymes, the PI-PLCs have perhaps been examined in the greatest detail because of their key role in initiating cellular response by hydrolyzing the phosphodiester bond of phosphatidylinositols and their phosphorylated derivatives to release the second messengers IP3 and DAG. However, the extended release of DAG that is critical to maintaining the stimulatory response arises from hydrolysis of the more abundant phosphatidylcholine by PC-PLC or by PLD followed by phosphatidic acid phosphatase. Because no eukaryotic PC-PLC has been cloned or isolated in pure form, the phosphatidylcholine-preferring PLC from B. cereus (PLCBc) has emerged as a focal point for investigation and as a putative model for mammalian PC-PLCs. The similarity of the active site of PLCBc with other phosphoryl transfer enzymes has also served as a stimulus for mechanistic studies. The present account details recent studies of this important member of the PLC superfamily of enzymes.


Phospholipase Phospholipid Mechanism Structure 


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