Carbon Nanotubes

Volume 80 of the series Topics in Applied Physics pp 287-327


Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes

  • Boris I. YakobsonAffiliated withCenter for Nanoscale Science and Technology and Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Rice University
  • , Phaedon AvourisAffiliated withIBM T.J. Watson Research Center

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This paper presents an overview of the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes, starting from the linear elastic parameters, nonlinear elastic instabilities and buckling, and the inelastic relaxation, yield strength and fracture mechanisms. A summary of experimental findings is followed by more detailed discussion of theoretical and computational models for the entire range of the deformation amplitudes. Non-covalent forces (supra-molecular interactions) between the nanotubes and with the substrates are also discussed, due to their significance in potential applications.