Information structuring for software environments

  • Jeremy H. C. Kuo
  • Kevin J. Leslie
  • Michael D. Maggio
  • Barbara G. Moore
  • Hai-Chen Tu
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A major issue in the development of software engineering environments is the structuring of software information — both product and process information produced during the entire software life cycle. In existing environments, the database support for structuring such information is limited to the implementation phase; thus, tools in these environments are limited to supporting, at best, only 10 – 20% of the software development efforts.

This paper describes the research and prototyping activities of a software engineering environment project at the Computer Science Laboratory of GTE Laboratories Incorporated. The crux of our work is in the development of a software information base with a high degree of semantic expressiveness as the core of the environment. The project is developing a prototype software environment on state-of-the-art workstations.


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  • Kevin J. Leslie
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  • Michael D. Maggio
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  • Barbara G. Moore
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  • Hai-Chen Tu
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