Lower bounds for dynamic range query problems that permit subtraction (extended abstract)

  • Dan E. Willard
  • Suny Albany
Conference paper
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Fredman has shown that Θ(logkN) lower bounds the complexity for doing aggregate orthogonal range queries on a set of N records in a dynamic environment, where the computing machine can use only addition for calculating aggregates [Fr81a,Me84]. We show that a natural generalization of [KMR85]'s contiguous segment assumption extends Fredman's formalism so that subtraction as well as addition may be included in the Θ(logkN) lower bound. Since subtraction operarions are known to speed up orthogonal range queries in a static environment [Ch85a, Wi85a, Wi85b, Wi86], it is surprising that subtraction is not also helpful in a dynamic environment.

The techniques introduced in section 2 are stated in very general terms because they should have applications to other types of problems, besides those we consider.


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