How to prove algebraic inductive hypotheses without induction

With applications to the correctness of data type implementation
  • J. A. Goguen
Friday Afternoon
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 87)


This paper proves the correctness of algebraic methods for deciding the equivalence of expressions by applying rewrite rules, and for proving inductive equational hypotheses without using induction; it also shows that the equations true in the initial algebra are just those provable by structural induction. The major results generalize, simplify and rigorize Musser's method for proving inductive hypotheses with the Knuth-Bendix algorithm; our approach uses a very general result, that (under certain conditions) an equation is true iff it is consistent. Finally, we show how these results can be extended to proving the correctness of an implementation of one data abstraction by another.


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