Surface Hopping Dynamics with DFT Excited States

  • Mario BarbattiEmail author
  • Rachel Crespo-Otero
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 368)


Nonadiabatic dynamics simulation of electronically-excited states has been a research area of fundamental importance, providing support for spectroscopy, explaining photoinduced processes, and predicting new phenomena in a variety of specialties, from basic physical-chemistry, through molecular biology, to materials engineering. The demands in the field, however, are quickly growing, and the development of surface hopping based on density functional theory (SH/DFT) has been a major advance in the field. In this contribution, the surface hopping approach, the methods for computation of excited states based on DFT, the connection between these methodologies, and their diverse implementations are reviewed. The shortcomings of the methods are critically addressed and a number of case studies from diverse fields are surveyed.


Density functional theory Excited states Nonadiabatic dynamics Photochemistry Surface hopping 



Algebraic diagrammatic construction


Adiabatic local density approximation


Complete active space self-consistent field


Coupled cluster


Configuration interaction


CI with single excitations


Classical path approximation


Density functional theory


Density functional based tight binding


Decoherence-induced surface hopping


Global-flux surface hopping


Linear response




Multiconfigurational self-consistent field


Multireference CI


MRCI with singles and doubles


Multireference perturbation theory


Spin-restricted ensemble-referenced KS


Restricted open-shell KS


Random phase approximation


Single determinant KS


Surface hopping


Surface hopping with DFT excited states




Tamm–Dancoff approximation


Time-dependent Hartree–Fock


Spin-unrestricted broken symmetry



We would like to thank Dr. Michael Filatov for kindly providing the REKS data for Fig. 3 and also Dr. W. Arbelo-González, Dr. Fazzi, Dr. G. Rodrigues, and Dr. T. Very for helpful discussions.


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