• Emilio J. Cocinero
  • Pierre ÇarçabalEmail author
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 364)


Although carbohydrates represent one of the most important families of biomolecules, they remain under-studied in comparison to the other biomolecular families (peptides, nucleobases). Beyond their best-known function of energy source in living systems, they act as mediator of molecular recognition processes, carrying molecular information in the so-called “sugar code,” just to name one of their countless functions. Owing to their high conformational flexibility, they encode extremely rich information conveyed via the non-covalent hydrogen bonds within the carbohydrate and with other biomolecular assemblies, such as peptide subunits of proteins. Over the last decade there has been tremendous progress in the study of the conformational preferences of neutral oligosaccharides, and of the interactions between carbohydrates and various molecular partners (water, aromatic models, and peptide models), using vibrational spectroscopy as a sensitive probe. In parallel, other spectroscopic techniques have recently become available to the study of carbohydrates in the gas phase (microwave spectroscopy, IRMPD on charged species).


Carbohydrates Sugars Glycans Biomolecular interactions Non-covalent interactions Hydrogen bonding Conformations Micro-hydration Gas-phase spectroscopy 



Professor John P. Simons has pioneered the study of neutral CBHs in the gas phase. Several “generations” of students and post-docs have been lucky enough to spend some time in his group. We had the opportunity to contribute to very exciting studies and, most importantly, we found inspiration and confidence to pursue our own scientific interests. John has been especially important for the two of us for developing our own activities and we can never thank him enough for his support. We also want to thank all our friends from the “JPS sugar team” who contributed over the years. Francis Talbot, Rebeccah A. Jockush, Niel A. Macleod, Isabel Hunig, Cristina Stanca-Kaposta, Bo Liu, Timothy D. Vaden, Zheng Su, Nitzan Mayorkas, and Svemir Rudic.


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