Constitutional Dynamic Chemistry

Volume 322 of the series Topics in Current Chemistry pp 33-53


Multistate and Phase Change Selection in Constitutional Multivalent Systems

  • Mihail BarboiuAffiliated withInstitut Européen des Membranes – ENSCM-UMII-CNRS 5635 Email author 

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Molecular architectures and materials can be constitutionally self-sorted in the presence of different biomolecular targets or external physical stimuli or chemical effectors, thus responding to an external selection pressure. The high selectivity and specificity of different bioreceptors or self-correlated internal interactions may be used to describe the complex constitutional behaviors through multistate component selection from a dynamic library. The self-selection may result in the dynamic amplification of self-optimized architectures during the phase change process. The sol–gel resolution of dynamic molecular/supramolecular libraries leads to higher self-organized constitutional hybrid materials, in which organic (supramolecular)/inorganic domains are reversibily connected.


Carbonic anhydrase Dynamic constitutional chemistry Dynamic interactive systems Hybrid materials