Multiscale Approaches and Perspectives to Modeling Aqueous Electrolytes and Polyelectrolytes

  • Luigi Delle SiteEmail author
  • Christian HolmEmail author
  • Nico F. A. van der VegtEmail author
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 307)


We review recent work on scale-bridging modeling approaches applied to aqueous electrolytes and polyelectrolytes, connecting the local quantum chemical details to classical statistical and thermodynamics properties. We discuss solvation and pairing of ions in water, ways to include solvent degrees of freedom in effective ion–ion interactions, and coarse-grained simulations of polyelectrolytes including dielectric boundary effects.


Molecular Simulation Quantum Atomistic Coarse-Grained Methods 



The authors acknowledge fruitful collaborations with Dmytro Antypov, Juan J. Cerda, Dominik Fritz, Berk Hess, Stefan Kesselheim, Vagelis Harmandaris, Kurt Kremer, Hanjo Limbach, Christine Peter, Baofu Qiao, Marcello Sega, Sandeep Tyagi, and Alessandra Villa. Funding from a Volkswagen grant, the SFB 625 TP:C5, DFG grant Ho/1108-17, and DFG Clusters of Excellence 259 and 581 is gratefully acknowledged.


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