An Intermediate Framework for Unifying and Automating Mobile Communication Systems

  • G. Koumoutsos
  • K. Lampropoulos
  • N. Efthymiopoulos
  • A. Christakidis
  • S. Denazis
  • K. Thramboulidis
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4195)


In the last few years we are witnessing a rapid growth in the mobile use of the internet and services like telephony. Mobility offers a great deal of advantages to end users but has also restrictions due to heterogeneity of networks, protocols and mobile devices with limited capabilities. In that we can add the need for manual interaction with service providers which costs in time and flexibility. We propose a framework that solves major mobility issues like connection maintenance, roaming, automated service selection regardless the underlying devices, protocols, providers and services. We describe important steps that will automate procedures and became the bases for an autonomic mobile environment transparent to the end user.


Mobile Router SLA negotiation matchmaking ontologies net-work mobility addressing roaming 


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  • G. Koumoutsos
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  • K. Lampropoulos
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  • N. Efthymiopoulos
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  • A. Christakidis
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  • S. Denazis
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  • K. Thramboulidis
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  1. 1.University of Patras 

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