Integrating TAU with Eclipse: A Performance Analysis System in an Integrated Development Environment

  • Wyatt Spear
  • Allen Malony
  • Alan Morris
  • Sameer Shende
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4208)


The Eclipse platform offers Integrated Development Environment support for a diverse and growing array of programming applications and languages. There is an increasing call for programming tools to support various development tasks from within Eclipse. This includes tools for testing and analyzing program performance. We describe the high-level synthesis of the Eclipse platform with the TAU parallel performance analysis system. By leveraging Eclipse’s modularity and extensibility with TAU’s robust automated performance analysis mechanisms we produce an integrated, GUI controlled performance analysis system for Java, C/C++ and High Performance Computing development within Eclipse.


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  • Wyatt Spear
  • Allen Malony
  • Alan Morris
  • Sameer Shende

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