Agent Grid Collaborative Environment

  • Zhongzhi Shi
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Collaborative environment will provide the architecture and infrastructure that allows seamlessly integrated comprehensive support services for collaboration involving sharing data, information, knowledge, tools for manipulation, representation and visualizations. Agent Grid Intelligence Platform (AGrIP) will aid people, teams and group to collaborate with searching processes, mining processes, decision processes and action processes. AGrIP is a highly open software environment whose structure is capable of dynamical changes. It’s a loosely coupled computer network of ever expanding size and complexity. It can be viewed as a large, distributed information resource, with nodes on the network designed and implemented by different organizations and individuals with widely varying agendas. The four-layer model for AGrIP is presented, that is data resources, maulti-agent, middleware and applications.

In this presentation I will emphasize to discuss agent model, AGrIP architecture and collaborative strategies. For collaborative strategies we have proposed flexible working flow, role assignment, ontology-based collaboration, policy driven and planning.

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  • Zhongzhi Shi
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