Geospatial Semantic Web: Architecture of Ontologies

  • Dave Kolas
  • John Hebeler
  • Mike Dean
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3799)


An effective ontology architecture enables the development of a geospatial semantic system that forges multiple geospatial data sources into a powerful cross-discipline knowledge source. This paper suggests types of ontologies that could support a geospatial semantic system. Motivations of each of the ontology types will be expounded, as well as potential areas for standardization by the geospatial community. Finally, the use of this approach within the OGC GSW Interoperability Experiment will be discussed.


Domain Ontology Service Description Open Geospatial Consortium Geography Markup Language Ontology Type 
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  • Dave Kolas
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  • John Hebeler
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  • Mike Dean
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