Maintaining Consistency Under Isolation Relaxation of Web Services Transactions

  • Seunglak Choi
  • Hyukjae Jang
  • Hangkyu Kim
  • Jungsook Kim
  • Su Myeon Kim
  • Junehwa Song
  • Yoon-Joon Lee
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For efficiently managing Web Services (WS) transactions which are executed across multiple loosely-coupled autonomous organizations, isolation is commonly relaxed. A Web services operation of a transaction releases locks on its resources once its jobs are completed without waiting for the completions of other operations. However, those early unlocked resources can be seen by other transactions, which can spoil data integrity and causes incorrect outcomes. Existing WS transaction standards do not consider this problem. In this paper, we propose a mechanism to ensure the consistent executions of isolation-relaxing WS transactions. The mechanism effectively detects inconsistent states of transactions with a notion of a completion dependency and recovers them to consistent states. We also propose a new Web services Transaction Dependency management Protocol (WTDP). WTDP helps organizations manage the WS transactions easily without data inconsistency. WTDP is designed to be compliant with a representative WS transaction standard, the Web Services Transactions specifications, for easy integration into existing WS transaction systems. We prototyped a WTDP-based WS transaction management system to validate our protocol.


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  • Hyukjae Jang
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  • Hangkyu Kim
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  • Jungsook Kim
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  • Su Myeon Kim
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