The MYDDAS Project: Using a Deductive Database for Traffic Characterization

  • Michel Ferreira
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3668)


The MYDDAS project (Mysql/Yap Deductive DAtabase System) is developing a deductive database system by coupling Yap Prolog with MySQL[1]. Although this coupling approach between a logic system and a relational database management system has been quite explored[5], our system tries to go a step further in terms of the degree of tightness in the interface architecture between the two systems. Examples of this improved integration include the representation of relational tuples directly in choice-points, with a transparent support for cuts over EDB predicates; the extended use of the tabling engine of Yap[3], with the ability to persistently store the table data structure in MySQL relations; and the development of automatic view-level transformations using information from existing MySQL indexes and MySQL query optimizer. The MYDDAS system should also be able to explore the combination of tabling with or-parallelism provided by the OPTYap engine[4] of Yap in the concurrent evaluation of database goals.


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