Concise Version Vectors in WinFS

  • Dahlia Malkhi
  • Doug Terry
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Conflicts naturally arise in optimistically replicated systems. The common way to detect update conflicts is via version vectors, whose storage and communication overhead are number of replicas × number of objects. These costs may be prohibitive for large systems.

This paper presents predecessor vectors with exceptions (PVEs), a novel optimistic replication technique developed for Microsoft’s WinFS system. The paper contains a systematic study of PVE’s performance gains over traditional schemes. The results demonstrate a dramatic reduction of storage and communication overhead in normal scenarios, during which communication disruptions are infrequent. Moreover, they identify a cross-over threshold in communication failure-rate, beyond which PVEs loses efficiency compared with traditional schemes.


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  • Dahlia Malkhi
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  • Doug Terry
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  2. 2.Microsoft Research Silicon Valley 

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