A Framework for XML-Based Integration of Data, Visualization and Analysis in a Biomedical Domain

  • Nathan Bales
  • James Brinkley
  • E. Sally Lee
  • Shobhit Mathur
  • Christopher Re
  • Dan Suciu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3671)


Biomedical data are becoming increasingly complex and heterogeneous in nature. The data are stored in distributed information systems, using a variety of data models, and are processed by increasingly more complex tools that analyze and visualize them. We present in this paper our framework for integrating biomedical research data and tools into a unique Web front end. Our framework is applied to the University of Washington’s Human Brain Project. Specifically, we present solutions to four integration tasks: definition of complex mappings from relational sources to XML, distributed XQuery processing, generation of heterogeneous output formats, and the integration of heterogeneous data visualization and analysis tools.


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  • Nathan Bales
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  • James Brinkley
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  • E. Sally Lee
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  • Shobhit Mathur
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  • Christopher Re
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  • Dan Suciu
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