Keynote: Performance, Availability and Security in Web Design

  • Virgilio A. F. Almeida
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3579)


Performance, around-the-clock availability, and security are the most common indicators of quality of service on the Web. Management faces a twofold challenge. On the one hand, it has to meet customer expectations in terms of quality of service. On the other hand, companies have to keep IT costs under control to stay competitive. Planning the infrastructure of Web services requires more than just adding extra hardware or software. It requires more than intuition, ad-hoc procedures, or rules of thumb. Many possible alternative solutions can be used to implement a Web service; one has to be able to determine the most cost-effective system solution. This is where Web Engineering and Capacity Planning techniques come into play. This presentation introduces quantitative capacity planning techniques and examples for different Web scenarios, showing precisely how to identify and address performance, availability and security-related problems.

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  • Virgilio A. F. Almeida
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