Planck Scale Effects in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Volume 669 of the series Lecture Notes in Physics pp 101-130


Astrophysical Bounds on Planck Suppressed Lorentz Violation

  • T. JacobsonAffiliated withInstitut d'Astrophysique de Paris, France, and Department of Physics, University of Maryland
  • , S. LiberatiAffiliated withSISSA and INFN
  • , D. MattinglyAffiliated withDepartment of Physics, University of California at Davis

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This article reviews many of the observational constraints on Lorentz symmetry violation (LV). We first describe the GZK cuto. and other phenomena that are sensitive to LV. After a brief historical sketch of research on LV, we discuss the effective field theory description of LV and related questions of principle, technical results, and observational constraints. We focus on constraints from high energy astrophysics on mass dimension five operators that contribute to LV electron and photon dispersion relations at order E/MPlanck. We also briefly discuss constraints on renormalizable operators, and review the current and future constraints on LV at order (E/MPlanck)2.